CoderDojoDC is part of the global CoderDojo movement of free coding clubs for young people.

Making progress!

04 Dec 2012

We have at least three very strong leads on free and perfect meeting spaces with great WIFI!

So, as we look to hold our first CoderDojo meeting in early January, we are collecting donated laptops, which we will refurbish with Ubuntu Linux, and make available to attendees who are unable to bring their own machines.

We’re also going to need USB mice, mousepads, power strips and extension cables, popcorn, bottled water and anything else folks think we’ll need.

Once we confirm the time and place of our first Dojo, we’ll schedule a Google Hangout to touch base and plan our first lesson.

Meantime, please spread the word by encouraging folks to join the mailing list and follow @CoderDojoDC!

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