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Wish List and When is Good?

07 Dec 2012

Two quick announcements: First, we’ve started a wish list on Amazon:

The CoderDojo format is pretty firm about keeping things low-stress by not introducing any costs for anybody, and relying on donations.  So please don’t go out and buy these things.  Rather just reply here or let @CoderDojoDC or the mailing list know if you have something like them around the house or office you can donate.  We’ll keep all this stuff in a big trunk to make it easy to set up and tear-down future meetings.

Second, while most folks have suggested alternate Saturday mornings might work best for CoderDojoDC, a few folks have mentioned preferring other times.  We figured we ought to take a quick poll:  …just paint in the hours that work for you (twice a month) and, if you like, enter your name and any comments before hitting Send Response.

 P.S. If you have an old Dell or other laptop sitting around, we’re happy to take it off your hands, put Ubuntu on it, and keep it in the trunk for use by any kids who don’t show up with their own machine!

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