CoderDojoDC is part of the global CoderDojo movement of free coding clubs for young people.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CoderDojoDC cost?

Nothing! One of the core rules of the CoderDojo format is to keep everything low-stress, by avoiding introducing any costs for anyone, for anything. We are completely dependent on volunteers and donated equipment and space to meet.

My child is not yet 7 years old, can s/he still attend?

We do not turn away younger children, but content, activities and resources are specifically geared towards 7-17 year-olds.

I am over 17 - may I register to attend?

CoderDojo is geared only towards 7 to 17 year-olds. If you’d like to attend to teach, volunteer or just observe, please drop us a line to discuss:

May I leave my child?

A parent or guardian must stay with children 12 and under, but all parents are strongly encouraged to stay and participate. CoderDojoDC is a free, public club and assumes no responsibility for the welfare of older attendees. If an older child leaves or must be asked to leave for whatever reason, or his or her parent fails to pick the child up before the end of the meeting, CoderDojoDC’s volunteers cannot be held responsible for that child’s welfare.

Do you have a mailing list?

CoderDojoDC@GoogleGroups is where we all share work between meetings, plan, ask questions, and provide each other technical support and encouragement. Please consider signing up for the email list.

When is your next meeting?

We usually meet every other weekend. See our site for time, location, and RSVP.

What software should I install and where can I find it?

Please see our installation guide page for links to download pages for the core technologies we use in our meetings. If other software is required for a particular week’s activity, that information will be posted on the Meetup announcement.

Why do I have to register for each meeting?

Most CoderDojo’s find there’s just to much turn-around from one meeting to the next and, maybe because it’s a free event, it’s hard to find enough people to commit to more than one meeting at a time. By opening registration for each meeting, we’re able to accommodate new faces, while avoiding exceeding the capacity of the room.

You’re called CoderDojoDC, but you meet in Maryland. Why?

First, if your drive takes a while to get to CoderDojoDC, thanks for making the trip. Given that we never want to charge anyone for coming to our meetings, we can only meet in low cost or sponsored locations. We initially found these in Maryland. If you’re coming from Virgina, take a look at our partner Dojo, CoderDojoNova.

How does my child earn badges?

We haven’t worked this out yet - would anyone like to take the lead on this?

How can I help?

By far our most urgent need is just for people to help mentor, everything from HTML to Rasberry Pi’s. We need not-terribly-old laptops to revive with Ubuntu, to be available to kids unable to bring their own. And we can always use extra mice, power strips, extension cords, thumbdrives, swag, popcorn, maybe a gong?

Other questions?

Shoot us an email at or post to our mailing list!