She holds the key. It feels warm. Them Mandy drops it. Somehow it breaks. She glues it together. Hopefuly her mom won't notice. [[ Go to the wierd objects|The Wierd Objects]] The necklace looked so delecate so Mandy put her hand over the chain. [[ Go to the wierd objects| The Wierd Objects]]Mandy is in the basement, home alone. She sees the objects she is not alowed to touch. [[An ornate brass key|The Key]] [[ a necklace |The necklace.]] [[ The ball|The Ball]]Double-click this passage to edit it.Mandy is in the basement, home alone. She sees the objects she not allowed to touch. [[ an ornate key|The Key]] [[ a necklace|The Necklace]] [[ a ball|The Ball]]It is just a normal bounsing ball. She picks it up to play with it and Mandy apears in the woods. She saw a girl in a red cape. Mandy asks "Where am I?" She says "You're in fairytale land." Mandy asks "Who are you?". She says "I'm Little Red Riding Hood". " I'm going to granny's house. Want to come with me?". Mandy said yes. [[Go to Granny's|On The Way To Granny's]]The necklace looks so delecate so Mandy put your hand over the chain [[ go to wierd objects|The Wierd Objects]]Mandy is in the basement, home alone. She sees the objects you're not allowed to touch. [[an ortiment key|The Key]] [[ a necklace|The Necklace]] [[ a ball|The Ball]]On the way Mandy explores with Little Red Riding hood a little and find a field with a house at the edge of the forest. A boy was out with a flock of sheep was outside. He said" Hello!" so Mandy said hello back. He says "This is my father's sheep. But watch how I can trick the villagers while watching his sheep." He shouted "Wolf, Wolf!". Nothing happened. Mandy realized this is the boy who cried wolf. She knows he'll die if he tricks the villagers. Does Mandy [[ let him scream again to teach him a lesson|The Scream]] or [[ stop him|She stops him]]? He tries to scream again and the villagers come. Does Mandy [[stay|Mandy gets eaten by the real wolf]] or does she [[leave before the wolf comes|Mandy leaves]]"Don't scream!" she yelled. He asks why so Mandy tells him that she can't explain and she [[leaves|Mandy leaves]] You get eaten by the wolf. want to[[ play again?|The Wierd Objects]]She goes back to the woods with Little Red Riding Hood. They run into a maiden in rags but she has a glass slipper. Mandy asks "Who are you?" though she already knows. She says "I'm Cinderella and I need to get home." Mandy said "I can take your glass slipper so you will run faster." She gives her the glass slipper and hurrys away. Does she [[Keep going with Little Red Riding Hood|Keep going]] or does she [[follow Cinderella|Following Cinderella]]Mandy goes with Little Red Ridding Hood and they run into a hungry wolf that eats them. Do you want to [[play again|The Wierd Objects]]Mandy follows Cinderella home but she is too fast and Mandy lost her. The prince is going to her cottage to try the slipper on the girls and Mandy runs into him. does she [[Give him the slipper|Mandy Gave Him The Slipper]] or does she [[keep the slipper| Mandy keeps the slipper]]Mandy give him the slipper and followed him to Cinderella. Mandy peeked in through the window. The step-mother breaks the slipper but the prince uses the slipper Mandy gave him and Cinderella goes to the castle with her prince. Mandy goes [[back to the woods|Mandy goes back to the woods]] You think the slipper is to valuable so you keep it. You fall usleep by a tree ang a wolf eats you do you want to [[play again|The Wierd Objects]]Mandy goes in the woods and met a wood cutter. He asks "would you come and eat with me? Does she [[eat with him|Mandy eats with him]] or suggest to [[go on a walk with him| Mandy goes on a walk with him]]They have a nice meal and she wandered on and she got to Little Red Riding Hood's granny's house. Mandy goes inside and finds a wolf. She asked "Where is Little Red Riding Hood and her granny?". Then the Wolf said "I ate them" and then he eats Mandy. Do you want to [[play again|The Wierd Objects]]When you walk you end up at Little Red Riding Hood's granny's house and you hear them scream for help. Mandy and the wood cutter come inside and the wood cutter finds a wolf, cuts him open and Little red Riding Hood and her granny climb out. Then Mandy apears at home. It was the same time as when she left. All the stories had the ending that was good for all (exept for the wolf) You Won!!! Want to [[play again|The Wierd Objects]]