CoderDojoDC is part of the global CoderDojo movement of free coding clubs for young people.

Interactive Fiction!

Remember Zork from the 80s? Choose-your-own-adventure books? Interested in writing story-like games that your friends can play?

Learn how to combine your story ideas with programming with our introduction to programming interactive fiction. Melissa Ford will show everyone how to get started with Twine, a very simple program that grows with the programmer's abilities.

Sign up at

Lava Arrows with ScriptCraft

It wasn't easy, but once a few people got ScriptCraft installed at our July 20th meeting, they had lava arrows. Here's a screencast of their script. Thanks to @westgarja for the activity and Alexa for making the video!

Summer CoderDojo

Thanks to the Elk’s Lodge in Rockville, we’ll be able to continue meeting over the summer! Join us every other Sunday from 2 PM to 4 PM to work on Scratch, Arduino, Minecraft, and Python projects. Details and signup are on meetup.

Kids Can Do This

One of our members, Becky Button, got an article published in the New York Times about programming and CoderDojo. Way to go, Becky!

RM Robotics Visit - June 8

Several members of the Richard Montgomery High School Robotics Club will be joining us to teach everyone about robotics and give a tutorial using Lego NXTs. The team recently competed at the FIRST Robotics world championship event and were awarded a 2nd place overall ranking. About 2800 teams from around the world compete in their division, so this is no small accomplishment. They’re also bringing SheRMan, their FIRST Robotics robot, and will let the kids drive it around as time permits. SheRMan is a pretty cool robot, so adults in the group may also be interested in some of the finer pointsx of its design.


RM Robotics

2014 CoderDojoDC Schedule

The Indiegogo Campaign was a success (thanks!) ; we collected $555.00 of the $500 goal. There was a 7% processing fee (4% for indiegogo + 3% for credit card processing) which leaves $511.14. The Silver Spring Civic Building wanted $440 for 12, 2 hour sessions. This leave $71 to purchase Raspberry Pis to raffle off to those who donated, which I will order right away. 

January 5 meeting is on, but registration is still being worked out.

January 5 meeting is on, but registration is still being worked out. December 18 UPDATE: @fhunleth got things sorted out with Meetup and our registration for January 5 is back online:

December 16, 2013 UPDATE: Meetup has pulled our Meetup group - we are working out alternatives and will announce registration on and on @CoderDojoDC

Join us at the Silver Spring Civic Building as we learn, code and share our projects. Our current agenda can be found at

High School Kid's Awesome Kickstarter Project

Thanks to @philshapiro for pointing out this High School student’s Kickstarter project to build the Arduino or AVR-compatible Chipper Shield, that lets you plugin, program and prototype your favorite ATtiny chips. 

How girls should serve raspberry pi

Thanks to @philshapiro for pointing out:

"He and a group of his 13-year-old pupils have just given a TEDx talk called How Girls Should Serve Raspberry Pi. The girls here are presenting the projects they’ve made with Raspberry Pi over this semester, but there’s another important message here: we know that STEM subjects are not just for boys, but we should recognise that not all girls are the same, so our teaching approach is doomed if we decide that the only way to get girls into engineering subjects is to “shrink it and pink it”."